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As the largest island in the Ionian Sea , with rich history and interesting geomorphology , there are certainly plenty to see in Kefalonia .
Spilaio MelisaniThe Lake Cave of Melissani is a unique geological phenomenon located near Sami. The natural entrance of the cave is vertical and was created by the collapse of a section of roof. Undoubtedly,you must pay a visit inside the Lake Cave. The Cave of Drogarati is a must see attraction of Kefalonia. Discovered nearly 300 years ago, when a part fell into itself because of the powerful earthquake and thus created the current entrance.


TDSC_1197he sinks in Kefalonia are one of the many geological attractions located in a distance about 2 km away from Argostoli, in the cape of Agios Theodoros. The sinks are cracked – openings in the ground next to the sea.




The Castle of Agios Georgios (Saint George) is situated 5 km away from Argostoli, above the village Peratata on a hill about 300 m high. It is a remarkable Venetian castle with later interventions mainly from Enetians.





kastroasosOne of the two castles which should not be missed out during your visit in Kefalonia is the Castle of Assos. This castle is a genuine example of the Venetian fortification art. Nowadays you can enjoy the view and admire what is left of its former glory.



DSC_1319The Monastery of Agios (St.) Gerasimos is the most holy Church of the island. It is build located in the village Omala, at the top of the green valley with 40 wells, near the villages Fragata and Balsamata. Agios Gerasimos is the patron saint of Kefalonia, and its relic is kept in the monastery, in a silver urn. The people of Kefalonia honor the death of Saint Gerasimos the monastery on the 16th August.

In the village Markopoulo of Kefalonia, in a hillside full of trees, is the Church of the Assumption. In this Church are presented every year from August 6 to 15, the small snakes of Virgin Mary, hanging from the church icons.